PRESS RELEASE - Statement and Recommendations from The Hong Kong Association of Cosmetic Surgery for The Safe Practice of Cosmetic Surgery and Medicine
In view of past and recent incidents related to disorderly and extraordinary practices of beauty centres operating in Hong Kong, close supervision and regulation of the practices of beauty centres or equivalent medical institutions are urgently needed to safeguard the health and safety of Hong Kong citizens. 

The Hong Kong Association of Cosmetic Surgery strongly urge the Hong Kong Government to set up a working party or advisory body to oversee and implement the following safety measures in order to protect consumers or patients seeking beauty treatments form doctors in beauty centres, clinics, doctor offices , hospitals or other medical institutions: 
  1. All high energy laser and light and radiofrequency and ultrasound treatments should only be carried out by registered medical practitioners with special training and experience in the use of specific laser or light or radiofrequency or ultrasound machines. 
  2. All invasive procedures including injections or application of strong acids and alkali for skin treatment should only be carried out by registered medical practitioners with special training or experience in such treatment procedures. 
  3. All cosmetic surgery including eyelid surgery or liposuction or body contouring surgery should only be carried out by Specialists in Plastic Surgery or other specialists with equivalent experience and training. 
  4. All beauty related promotional materials and advertisements in magazines, TV and internet should abide by the current requirements and regulations of the Hong Kong Medical Council. Misleading or exaggerated advertisements will be prosecuted under existing laws. Foreign doctors or non- medical personnel should not be allowed to make promotions or advertisements on beauty/medical treatments. 
  5. All treatment procedures as well as invasive procedures should have the written informed consent of the consumer or patient who understands the possible risks, complications and alternatives of the proposed treatment or procedure. 
  6. All fees and charges must be reasonable and comparable to standard practices. 
  7. Experimental and non-standard procedures or treatments require prior special approval from the Advisory body before implementation or administering to patients or clients. 

The advisory body composed of representatives from the Medical Council, The Department of Health, The Hong Kong Medical Association, The Hong Kong Academy of Medicine, The Hong Kong Society of Plastic and Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeons, The Hong Kong Association of Cosmetic Surgery, The Hong Kong Surgical Laser Association, the Hong Kong Society of Dermatology and Venerology will be responsible for the organization and implementation of the safe practices of cosmetic surgery and medicine in order to provide safe ,effective and quality beauty services to clients and patients alike.

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