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Procedure for 20s

'Young and Bright Package'
Indication: Your face and skin are in the biologocial golden age of your life. Common problems at this age are freckles or post-acne ice-spike scars. Besides, you may not be satisfied with the profile of your facial features, and these problems can be corrected either non-surgically with fillers (Juvederm for 1 year or Restylane for half year) or surgically.
Suitable Age: You people in the 20s.
Major Treatment: Fractional CO2 laser treatment. This second-generation skin resurfacing laser selectively ablates only epidermal layers of skin, allowing for immediate re-epithelialization, and thus quicker healing time. Besides, deep heating of the upper dermis stimulates collagen regeneration without destroying skin adnexal structures.
Supplementary Treatment: Intense Pulse Light treatment. This treatment allows removal of freckles and other annoying facial pigments. The procedure is atraumatic, and you can return to work with no downtime.

Procedures for 30+
'Young Lady's Package'

Indication: Your face starts to age from early thirties. Collagen in skin and fat in subcutaneous layer starts to thin out, skin gradually lose support and elasticity, wrinkles start to appear on your face. Smiles and facial expression also accumulated wrinkles around your eyes.

Suitable Age: Young ladies in the age of 28 to 35 years.

Major Treatment: Thermage eye treatment. By applying Thermage's unique deep-heating technology, your skin can be tightened immediately and continue to improve over time.

Supplementary Treatment: Botox around the eye. This will effectively relax and smoothen wrinkles around the eye.

Procedures for 40+
'Premiere Package'

Indication: With further aging, the whole body as well as the face is sagging. The young face and attractive body shape deform gradually. It is time to start maintenance. It is far more ecnonomical and effective to have regular maintenance than a definitive surgery in one shot.

Suitable Age: Mature ladies of 35 to 45 years.

Major Treatments: Thermage whole face and body. Rejuvenates the whole face, and tighten the skin of your specified body parts such as abdomen, buttock, arms and thighs.

Supplementary Treatment: Botox around the eye and Botox forehead lift.

Procedures for 50+
'Supreme Package'

Indication: With more advanced aging, skin develops pigment changes in addition to wrinkles. A combination of deep-heating with superficial stimulation can rejuvenate the whole face three-dimensionally.

Suitable Age: Ladies of 45 years and above.

Major Treatments: Thermage whole face plus fractional CO2 laser whole face.

Supplementary Treatment: Botox to face, plus injection of fillers as indicated.

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