Breast Reconstruction

Breast ReconstructionAs mentioned above, the female breasts are a very important symbol of femininity for most women. In the case of breast cancer, which is one of the most common malignant diseases among females, there is a chance that the breasts are partially or completely lost. Through a series of reconstructive procedures, the surgeon can rebuild the breasts to their original size and shape, and consequently giving back the patient's femininity and restoring her self confidence.

Breast Reconstruction Details: Breast reconstruction can be performed immediately during the event of a breast cancer surgery, or it can be delayed until the completion of the adjuvant radiotherapy and chemotherapy. The breast mound can be reconstructed either by implants, such as saline bags and silicone gel bags, or by the patient's own fat tissue. The nipples are reconstructed around half a year after the initial surgery and this is followed by areola tattooing. There is a chance that minor adjustments may be necessary in order to perfect the symmetry of the breasts at a later stage.

Breast Reconstruction Results: In the case of the breast mound surgery, the bruising and swelling usually subside within 2-4 weeks. The new shape created will continue to improve over 3-5 months. For the nipple and areola surgery, the bruising and swelling will normally subside in 5-7 days and the scars will continue to improve over a period of 2 years.

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