The aging process affects every one of us, it is unavoidable. With age, all our faces begin to sag and wrinkle and it is these two factors which quite often implies one's age. Facelift surgery achieves its goal by removing excessive skin and redraping subcutaneous tissues such as muscles and fat. With an advancement in medical fields, the facelift technology becomes matures. The resultant facial features will be smoothened, wrinkleless and uplifted. Therefore, a facelift surgery can help a person look younger and subsequently feel younger as well.

Facelift surgery Details: A facelift incision will be made in front of the ears which will run along the temporal area and ending behind the ears. The facelift incision will be made in the natural creases of the skin in this area in order to minimize noticeable scarring. This facelift incision will allow access to remove and redrape subcutaneous tissues and ultimately to tighten the skin. This is only a generalized outline of the procedure; the techniques used may vary depending on the amount of work that needs to be done and also on each individual patient.

Facelift recovery: Swelling and bruising caused by the operation should subside within 2-4 weeks. The final desired results may be visible in 1-2 weeks. Scars will improve over a period of 2 years.


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