Eye Bag Surgery, Lower Blepharoplasty

Eye bag surgery, Lower Blepharoplasty in hong kong

Eye Bag influence appearance of people. In severe cases, the eye bags can become quite prominent and rather unsightly. Lower Blepharoplasty is medical jargon for cosmetic eye bag surgery. The purpose of this surgery is to help reduce the appearance of eye bags, eliminate wrinkles in the region and to remove excessive skin surrounding the lower eyelids. In summary, eye bag surgery's aim is to restore a youthful seamless connection between the lower eyelids and the cheeks. 

Eye bag causes 

Aging is the commonest cause of eye bags. When a person reaches their mid-thirties, eye bags usually start to appear because skins around eyes become loosing.

Eye Bag Removal Surgery: This surgery can be performed from the inside or from the outside of the eyelids:


  1. When the surgery is performed from the inside of the eyelids, fat is removed or red raped in the eye bag and thus restoring the shape of the lower eyelid.
  2. When the surgery is performed from the outside, an incision is made along the lower border of the eyelashes and the muscles surrounding the area are tightened, if necessary, excessive skin is also removed.


Eye Bag Surgery Result

If the eye bag removal surgery is performed on the inside of the eyelids, the bruising and swelling caused should disappear within 5-7 days. However, if the surgery is performed from the outside of the eyelids then bruising and swelling will take longer to subside, taking usually around 2-4 weeks. The Final desired surgery result should appear within 1-2 months. The eye bag scars caused by the surgery will improve over a period of 1-2 years.


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