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At Dr. Ying's Clinic, we pride ourselves on the professional, skilled service and aesthetic focus.

A thorough analysis will be given to you during your first consultation, and a tailor-made rejuvenation plan will be offered to provide the best results.

Whatever you need, Dr. Ying will offer everything that is required to achieve a beautiful, natural-looking results.

Let Dr. Ying's artistry transform you.

The Cost of Beauty

Many a time the doctor is asked on the price of cosmetic procedures, and clients usually find doctors 'reluctant' to disclose the price.

Actually, the doctors are 'willing' to disclose prices to clients, but the price 'estimation' usually varies according to the client's needs and complexity of the procedure.  Most procedures consist of five different, variable costs:

  1. Surgeon's Fee: The surgeon's fee vary according to the nature and complexity of the procedure, and number of hours required to complete the procedure.
  2. Anesthesia: These charges vary according to the type of anesthesia required, local or general, and whether it is administered by your doctor (local) or by an anesthetist (general).
  3. Theatre Cost: Many surgeons perform less complex operations in their own clinics, in these cases the theatre costs will very often be included under the umbrella of Surgeon's Cost.  For more complex and demanding operations, it must be carried out in proper hospital settings for the safety of clients, and the Hospital Theatre Cost is usually charged at a minimal package plus further on 15-minutes increments.
  4. Hospital Fee: The hospital fees include such miscellaneous items such as operation theatre, overnight stay, nursing care, doctor's ward round, drugs and utilities, etc.
  5. Devices: Breast implants, cheek and chin implants, nose implants and injectables (Botox, Hyaluronic acids, Collagen etc) are usually referred to as 'devices'. Device cost varies according to the implant size, quality and brand, or injectable volume.  They can represent a significant part of your overall procedure cost which normally is grouped under Surgeon's Fee.

Generally speaking, consultation fees are charged separately from operation fees. Additional costs may apply where pre-op blood tests, post-op medication or pressure suits are required to assist the outcome of your procedure.

When you plan your beauty project, whether it is invasive or non-invasive, the first step is to find a Plastic Surgeon.  This may come from your friends, a local GP, the internet, paid advertisement or media editorials.  To ensure a successful outcome, your pre-operative checklist include: credentials check of the doctor, balanced consideration on the options and risks, and realistic expectation on the results.


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