Structural Fat Grafting

Structural Fat GraftingFat is a naturally occurring tissue in our bodies, everyone has fat no matter how thin one looks. While excessive fat in localized areas can be treated by liposuction, localized fat insufficiencies can also occur as a result of aging and scars. This problem can be corrected by structural fat grafting. Common sites which fat insufficiencies may occur are the eye hollows, temple areas, malar areas, chin, lips, jaw line, cheek hollows, forehead, facial scars and anywhere else where fat is needed.

Fat Graft Details: The procedure is usually performed under sedation and local anaesthesia. Large amounts of saline containing vasoconstrictors, in order to minimise the amount of bleeding, and local anaesthetic solution is injected into the target site before fat aspiration. After the fat has been aspirated, it is centrifuged and concentrated in preparation for injection. Adequate amounts of fat are injected into the target areas until desirable results are achieved.

Fat Graft Results: Bruising and swelling usually dissipates within 5-7 days. The treatment area should be kept as immobile as possible for around 3-4days. The end result will improve over 3-5 moths. Due to partial absorption, the effects of the procedure can last from between 3 months to 3 years. A retouch fat transfer operation can secure longer lasting results.

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